Dental Implants


Despite improvements in dental care – many Canadians suffer from tooth loss – mainly due to tooth decay, gum disease or injury.
Dental implants have emerged as the new standard of care for tooth replacement and offer many advantages:

  • They look and feel more like your own teeth.
  • Because they become part of you - the use of implants can greatly increase a patient's comfort.
  • By integrating with your jawbone, they help to keep the bone healthy and intact.
  • Implants can be used to stabilize a denture and can greatly add to someone's quality of life
  • Dental implants can restore your natural smile and help you feel better about yourself.
  • Implants are very durable and with good care many implants can last a lifetime.

Implant techniques provide a wide range of tooth replacement solutions including:

  • Single Tooth Replacement
  • Anterior Replacement
  • Posterior Replacement
  • Full Upper Replacement

If the missing tooth space has no surrounding teeth, the dentist may decide that an implant is the most appropriate treatment option.


Although proper oral hygiene is always recommended for maintaining good dental health, it is especially important for a patient who has received a dental implant. Bacteria can attack sensitive areas in the mouth when teeth and gums are not properly cleaned, thus causing gums to swell and jawbones to gradually recede. Recession of the jawbone will weaken implants and eventually make it necessary to remove the implant. Patients are advised to visit their dentists at least twice a year to ensure the health of their teeth and implants.

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